previous projects

Nuclear Power Industry

We were contracted to design a radiation-monitoring product for the nuclear power industry. This consisted of re-working a legacy design of pulse amplifier from a now-defunct company, where we had to visually copy the PCB, and replace obsolete components with the closest equivalents so as to keep within the approvals of the original product. In addition, a counter unit was designed to a precise specification, but without the use of a microcontroller or other programmable element, as this would have required further costly approval of the software.

Vehicle tracking units

Vehicle tracking units, incorporating GPS for positioning, and GSM/GPRS for communication. Our original product was one of the smallest units on the market when launched in 2003. We also created an add-on speech synthesizer that could give directions to the driver.

Simple Lighting

Controller for fountains and lights to change colour and pattern following a sequence, or in response to an audio signal.

Thermal test chambers

Thermal test chamber, including the manufacture of an industrial cabinet containing DIN-rail control & data-acquisition equipment, and the wiring of an environmentally-controlled measurement chamber.

HVAC industry

A wide variety of products in the HVAC industry, incorporating elements of user interface, motor drive, environmental sensing (Temperature, CO2, Humidity), solar power, and network communications (BACnet). We designed a family of award-winning room thermostat type products, capable of controlling ventilation and heating systems based on readings from multiple sensors, and a programmable master controller.

weather and meteorological equipment

A family of weather stations and meteorological equipment. Including LCD/VFD displays, motor drive, reading of sensors (temperature, wind speed & direction, rainfall, sunshine, humidity and air pressure). The products also incorporated an RS485 bus for communications, and a data logger using flash memory.

rail industry

As one in a partnership of several companies working to provide a bridge camera system to the rail industry, we designed and produced the actual camera units. The system is designed to remotely monitor railway bridges, allowing an engineer to quickly inspect the bridge for damage after an accident – typically a lorry striking a low bridge. The camera went through several iterations as the specification evolved, but common elements included an accelerometer to detect the impact, and a GPRS modem to enable a picture to be sent to the engineer.

Motor controllers

Motor controller incorporating radio communications module (868MHz), and battery charging facilities. Control electronics for an industrial laser.

lighting industry

Several custom test & measurement products for the lighting industry. One job required an industrial electrical cabinet build and installation of a test room. Another involved 3-dimensional light level measurement which was accomplished by the construction of a proprietary robot.

Ethernet, Solar, Audio, Motors, LCDs & Other
  • PowerPC-based microprocesser system with custom SVGA graphics, used as an industrial controller.
  • Replacement aftermarket engine control unit (ECU) for race applications.
  • Remote controlled telemetry equipment, using the 60kHz MSF “atomic clock” time signal.
  • Video digitiser for security cameras.
  • Automotive data logging equipment, providing acceleration forces and engine/drivetrain information.
  • Automotive diagnostic tools EOBD / OBD-II (fault code reader)
  • Service & maintenance contract within the defence industry.

SMR Electronics Products

We’ve also produced products under our own name. These have tended to be commercialisations of devices we’ve originally built as one-offs to use in-house for development or testing.

CT64 Cable Tester

The CT64 Cable Tester is a device for testing wiring in cables. It is able to test for continuity between all combinations of contacts on any type of cable and compare the information to a pre-defined connection configuration. A simple pass/fail indication is provided to the user.